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Laboratory & Blood Bank  

Our laboratory at AO Clinic is a well established department which has been running since the beginning of this institute. This department is dedicated to provide a quality service and to ensure precision and accuracy of results we have employed consultant medical, scientific and administrative staff.

The work at our laboratory is carried out with strict adherence to well establish operating procedures. AO Clinic laboratory incorporates a stringent quality control programme into its daily routine.

We have a dedicated team of pathologists working at our department. To maintain the good quality of services provided, the pathologists are supplemented and supported by a broad network of associated specialists.

Screening for hepatitis is done routinely on all pre operative patients. HIV is tested on our high risk patients.

A 24 hour emergency supply of all types of blood groups is available at our laboratory at any given time AO Clinic blood bank holds an average 200 units of blood.


AO Clinic Laboratory provides the following:-

• Biochemistry
• Hematology
• Coagulation
• Endocrinology
• Immunology
• Microbiology
• Virology

Main Instruments being used for laboratory investigations etc.

• Selectra auto analyzer (Biochemistry)
• Medonic
• Sysmex
• Micro Lab 300
• Micro Lab 200
• Flame Fotometer
• Fotometer 4010
• Ultrasound FF Sonic
• Eliza

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