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We are sure this web page will be of interest to you whether you are a doctor or patient. Cases presented here are “Revision Trauma Cases” by this we mean cases that have been operated in various other hospitals in Pakistan and abroad but have been unsuccessful and then have had revision surgery (Repeat Surgery)  done here at AO Clinic. These cases are always a great challenge and have been of immense interest for us surgeons at AO Clinic as they are difficult and some times almost impossible to treat. Names of patients, surgeons and hospitals where the primary operation took place have been kept confidential.

We have designed logo “NOT OPERATED AT AO CLINIC” which means that the initial operation was done at another hospital then AO Clinic. We perform a revision trauma case once every 4th day at AO Clinic. We really hope you have fun flicking through these cases and we would be more than happy to receive any comments or suggestions that you may have.


      DR. SYED IMRAN ALI SHAH                                                                                                                    DR. SYED JUNAID ALI SHAH         



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